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Home Insulation Ideas That Will Save A Lot Of Cash

The cost of electricity has increased to an extent that warming homes using electricity has become uneconomical. It is therefore important to find ways of minimizing heat loss from the house. The most effective way of ensuring this is home insulation. This is usually preferred by most people since it is always very cost effective. New buildings do not always require a lot of work in insulation like the old ones. The most common areas of a building that usually account for much of heat losses include windows, doors, roofs and the basement.

The window is usually the leading source of heat loss. This is mainly due to the fact that a single building usually has several windows. One simple way of reducing heat loss through this opening is to install double panes.

The space between the window glasses is usually filled with gas. This gas acts as a barrier and would not conduct any heat out side the building. The gas also restricts the entry of cold gas into the house. All these will always avoid the need of having to warm the house using electricity.

Another effective method of ensuring that no heat is lost through the windows and doors is to hang curtains and blinds in each and every window. This also applies to each and every door as well. Using curtains and blinds allows home owners to open these blinds so that the sun rays can always warm the house during the day. At night, these curtains and blinds are completely closed to retain the heat already in the house. Heavy curtains and blinds are always more effective in insulating the room than those that are light.

Floor is another area that can always lead to massive heat losses. It is important to insulate all cracks that are found within the floor. If left without insulation, these cracks can always leak a lot of heat to the ground especially unfurnished floors.

In a building that is not insulated, a quarter of the heat lost is always through the roof. It is therefore important not to forget the roofing when insulating or even renovating old insulators. The easiest way to do this is usually fixing ceiling board on the loft of the building. This will stop heat from escaping the building and thus reduce the electricity bills.

In buildings with water systems, it is always very important to ensure that all the pipes especially those that carry already heated water are lagged. This will minimize the speed at which water cools down in these pipes. The hot water tank must also be lagged to ensure that water remains hot longer. This will reduce the use of electricity in heating the water and thus reduced monthly electricity bills.

The wall is another area of the building that need to be properly lagged to ensure that outside elements do not mix with the inside elements. The wall is always the biggest part of the house and if not properly lagged can always lead to enormous loss of heat. When installing home insulation, it is always important to do it properly to avoid unnecessary damages.


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